We will listen to the customer’s requirements to be fulfilled, compile them into a document and proceed with the work to ensure that the balance between quality, price and delivery time is of maximum value.

We respond with technology backed by experience.

I have experienced all positions, as a business owner, main contractor and subcontractor.
In these positions, I have performed all kinds of work, starting with business planning, dealing with government agencies, various design work, construction management and maintenance.
I have also experienced on-site work, and have first-hand experience from upstream to downstream of construction and product manufacturing, so I can propose results with an awareness of the project as a whole, and not just individual optimisation within the scope of my responsibility.

Below are some examples of work.

  • Research reports on technology trends and groups of companies in the target industry
  • Conceptual design of projects/equipment/facilities/processes/layout/operations, etc.
  • FS and basic design of the above (various calculations, preparation of evidence, etc.)
  • Various drawing (PFD, P&ID, equipment drawing, layout drawing, SPOOL drawing, etc.)
  • Selection of contractors, negotiation, contract work
  • Handling of applications to government agencies, handling of residents’ briefings, etc.
  • Technical advice to companies, writing of technical columns, preparation of documents on their behalf, etc.

The power of engineering prevents the risk of business failure and ensures project success.

Design Tool

2D: IJCAD STANDARD 2022 (supported extensions: DWG, DXF, JWW)
3D: Fusion360 (supported extensions: IGES, STEP, OBJ, STL etc.)

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